How Much I Spent in Hanoi Day 7

How Much I Spent in Hanoi Day 7: $80.88

As for How Much I Spent in Hanoi Day 7: $80.88, this day had a lot of eating and drinking.  It was also an interesting day because we went to a North Korean restaurant.  The restaurant was expensive and their performance felt awkward.  I think it’s only good to experience it once.  Later on, we all went to drink more at a few clubs and bars.  The Budweiser beers at the clubs were a bit pricey in my opinion.  One funny thing I noticed at the clubs that people enjoyed inhaling helium.  Anyways, this was probably the most I spent while in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Again, I’ll try and keep this daily spending updated.  Hopefully some of this information can be of good use.



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