bike tour naha

Bike Tour Naha to Ishigaki Island

Bike Tour Naha to Ishigaki Island: In search of the Mantas. Bike Tour Naha: I came to Okinawa primarily to do some great diving. Okinawa is supposedly ranked third in the world for visibility underwater. When I discovered that Ishigaki is the island to go see manta rays, I flew there from Naha to witness […]

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Bike Tour Cape Hedo

Bike Tour Cape Hedo to Uruma

Bike Tour Cape Hedo to Uruma: Hello my name is Mt. Yonaha Bike Tour Cape Hedo: The northeastern part of Okinawa is the most challenging, most rural part of Okinawa. The mt. Yonaha is sitting there happily welcoming cyclists that test its hills. The mountain is not so high, but it’s a never ending roller-coaster of […]

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