airport viewpoint in nai yang beach

What to expect at the Airport Viewpoint in Nai Yang Beach Phuket, Thailand

Airport Viewpoint in Nai Yang Beach: My wife and I went to the viewpoint in the afternoon.


Unfortunately, we only saw a few planes taking off.

It’s probably best to go to this viewpoint in the morning or evening to see more planes landing.

It’s also a pretty long scooter ride from where we’re staying at in Chalong. The whole ride took about an hour each way from Chalong to Nai Yang Beach.
Also, using Google Maps was a bit confusing to get to the viewpoint. It’ll be easier if you can ask a local how to get to the viewpoint.

So again, I think it’s probably better to wake up early in the morning and head out to the viewpoint to watch the planes landing close up.

Any questions or comments?  Please let me know.  I hope this helps, thank you.

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